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Adding Pattern to White Clothing

One of the many, many things I’m hoping to learning in Photoshop is to overlay patterns onto white objects. End game, I want to make a Photoshop version of animals that look like real-life Lisa Frank creations. My ten year old heart would be singing joyfully.

First step, learn how to put a pattern mask over a white piece of clothing. I struck out using the tutorial linked at the bottom of this page. Really lovely tutorial! 

I started out with this photo, borrowed form the realms of the internet

I figured starting out with just one piece would be good, so I selected the picture on the far right.

In the end, this is how it went. I’m not particularly happy with it. It looks poor, clunky. I see a white edge around the pattern, which I think comes from adding softness around the selection when I selected the white part of the jacket. This also might be due to the fact that in cropping the original down to the one photo on the right, it really degraded the quality. When zooming in to carefully select the white half of the jacket, the photo got grainy, FAST. I think this contributed to the white halo around the pattern I added to the jacket. So, halo == zero stars. 

Also, after adding the pattern, the jacket just doesn’t have a realistic look to it. As much as I tried to retain the wrinkles and the shadows on the white portion of the jacket and let them shine through, they just didn’t very well. I’m again wondering if this has to do with the granularity and quality of the original. Potentially, the pattern was not a good choice either? The pattern in the example was quite uniform where as mine was a sunset and clouds, which may have caused issues. 

I hope to try this again with a higher quality picture and a different pattern. Stay tuned!

Try 2!

I tried again! I used a higher res original photo with more defined wrinkles and shaded bits of the dress. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out!

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