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Logo Burned into Wood

Not too shabby! As always, everything takes longer than expected.

The first step of the video shows to get a wood background. I didn’t have that. So I had to go find one. But! Thank goodness for Unsplash; I quickly found a ton of beautiful wood backgrounds. The second step was to import your logo. I didn’t have that either. 

So I made one! Since the example video uses a facebook logo, decided to start out with a round logo too. After some playing around with my name and variations of my initials, I settled on the following. It took me a bit to decide on a font, play with the sizes, and get everything set. Once I was finished, I realized I’d never removed the background from text before. So the other video link below, Remove the Background from Text, showed me an easy way to do that. 

Finally, do the video! They used a different blend mode than I ended up using but I’m really loving playing around with the different options available as I get a hang of this photoshop thing.

Burned into Wood Video

Remove the Background from Text

So I played around a little more! I grabbed a few more logos. Below, on the left is PD or Performance Designs, a parachute manufacturing company over top of a backgroung of stars from Unsplash. I love the beveling effect I used. I tried to do something cool with a basic mountain doodle on the right over a mountain lake but I just never came up with anything that felt that cool as I played with it. Maybe I’ll give it another try later.

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