Hey! I’m Tamara (Tam-uh-ruh), a colorful skydiver out of Colorado. I love flying RW/FS/belly and I love teaching skydivers who want to belly fly better too. We have to keep belly alive in CO!

If I’m in the state, you can find me load organizing at my home DZ, Orange Skies, or coordinating 2way and 3way belly events at the tunnel. Otherwise, I’m traveling to organize at boogies, training in Perris with my 8way team, or picking up new skills at different events around the US.

This blog is a place to share my adventures and opinions with the skydiving community.

Why should you listen to me?

I mean, I really can’t convince you that you should. I’m just a skydiver who loves to learn and loves to share and write, thus this blog was born. As far as experience, I have 800+ jumps, a smidge of tunnel (maybe 20 hours?), and I’ve spent time seeking out stellar coaching. I ask a lot of questions and try to absorb as much as I can from smarter people so that I distill all that down and that’s what you get here. Plus, you get my opinions too.


Rigs: Multi-colored Curv & a black and grey pull-out Wings

Canopies: Orange, Blue, Gray Sabre 2 135 & Blue, Green, Purple Sabre 2 135

AADs: Vigil 2 and Cypres

Reserves: I have them… I forget

Altis: Viso II+, Quattro Audible, trusty Alti-2 Altimaster for backup

Suits: Vertical Freefly and Tony Belly (2)

Helmet: Cookie G3, Frap Hat (lolz)


Ratings: Coach and Tandem (AFF coming in 2019)

Medals: Bronze at Nationals 2018 in Intermediate 8way (yes, I’m proud and bragging about one, single, small medal). 2016 winner of the Judges Choice Award at an NCSL 4way comp. (Still proud of that!)

Load Organizing:┬áRegularly at Orange Skies Freefall Center near Fort Collins, CO. Guest LO at Aeronautrixx’s boogies in FL and CA 2018.

Other: Mobile Mentor through the Women’s Skydiving Leadership Network