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Skydiving & Traveling: Ready for the Plague

I’ve decided to do a series on traveling for skydiving. I am constantly traveling for skydiving. It’s an art. It’s a process. Finding what works for takes a while, but maybe this post can help you expedite that process

For me, the general packing and prep changes depending on numerous factors. However, when it comes to meds, it’s fairly consistent. I travel so much for skydiving and tunnel that I can’t afford to get sick. If I get sick, I’ll probably have to jump or fly anyway.

Disclaimer: I am lucky enough to not have any chronic or serious medical problems so my normal regimen is a daily vitamin. So when I say meds, it’s just a few basics + a few bonus items to keep me healthy on the road.

The Always Kit

  • Ibuprofen: Jokingly called Vitamin I. Never go to a skydiving or tunnel event without it. Keeping inflammation down and pain to a minimum
  • Icy Hot/Bengay/Tiger Balm: Flying a lot is hard on your body. When I did a tunnel camp in Utah, I was flying an hour a day six days in a row. My shoulders needed it. (However, I never put on any icy-hot-type-cream before exercise because I worry it would mask signals from my body that I actually need to notice)
  • Daily Vitamin
  • Emergen-C or Airborne: Boost my immune system while traveling!
  • Melatonin: I’ve found it helps me stay asleep or get back to sleep if woken up in the middle of the night. That’s especially important when you’re on the road. You’re most likely staying in an unfamiliar place and that definitely affects my sleep

The Skydiving Kit

  • Sudafed (Non-Drowsy): Deal with congestion, if you’re unlucky enough to have it
  • Afrin Nasal Spray: Deal with congestion, if you’re unlucky enough to have it
  • Benadryl: You never know what you might be allergic to when you’re traveling to a new DZ

The Airport Kit

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitizing Wipes (for the plane tray table and arm rests)
  • Ear plugs & Eye mask for sleeping

If I could, I would also always bring my neti pot. But that’s just taking it too far.

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