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Sustainability Day 1: Traveling to NYC

This year, I decided to start being more sustainable, as a New Year’s Resolution. It wasn’t a S.M.A.R.T. goal. It was just something I wanted. So I’m riding that out, figuring out what that means for me. I’ve been pondering things today, as I flew to NYC to work, taking some notes. Finally, I thought, “Welp, I might as well write this all down somewhere.” So here we are, a new corner of my blog, dedicated to sustainability. It’s a place for my concerns, my confusion. My successes, and my less-than-successes. Maybe someone will read it and decide it helps them too, or at least keeps them company in their confusing journey to trying to be a better steward of this earth.

Where I am in general:

  • I just started a vermicompost situation. Plenty of updates on that in the future
  • I feel guilty about the waste I create
  • I really like bubbly water and I buy a lot of carbonated water
  • I bike or ride the bus a lot to work
  • I am considering getting a solar charger for my phone

That doesn’t really tell you much. But it’s where I am. I’m a Denverino and I love the outdoors. I want to preserve it if I can help. Also, today I noticed that NYC has a lot of trash. A LOT. It’s stacked up in piles as tall as me. Ew.


  • I really, really wanted a coffee at the airport but didn’t bring my reusable mug, so I bought a new one. To be fair, I’ve had mine for probably 8 years and it’s sort of leaky. Plus, I’ll be able to use it the whole time I’m in NYC (+1 for reusability)
  • I opted out of dairy in my coffee, but not for lack of trying. I couldn’t open my new mug (+1 for no dairy/-1 because it wasn’t for lack of trying)
  • I opted out of snacks at the airport and on the plane because, well, plastic everywhere. I ate a few Cuties because that’s all I remembered to bring for a snack (+3‚Ķ lot of self restraint)
  • I took public transit to the airport because Lyft was super expensive (+1 for me, and +1 for my expenses)
  • I flew across the country (-1)
  • I used my reusable water bottle, but I might have just opted for dehydration without it (0)
  • I dried my hands on my coat instead of using a papertowel. (+1 for the planet, -1 for the public judgement I get for drippy hands)
  • I went to get food at a fast food Indian place, which was sub par. All the waste was compostable‚Ķ but still felt like trash. (-1)
  • I forgot to bring my own bar of soap to the hotel, but I’m taking this one with me so I don’t waste at least.

It’s a roller coaster, people. Everyday. Am I ahead in the saving-the-planet game? I’m probably way behind. Does it only matter about what I’m choosing today? Or am I still battling my way back from a childhood of styrofoam cups and plastic disposable plates? I don’t know where I’m going on this journey, but it’s all going here.

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