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Things I Don’t Give an F*ck About

Right now, I’m reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a” Fudge (Fudge was not the author’s actual word), by Sarah Knight. I picked it up after reading “Get Your” Shiz “Together”, her 2nd book. While my shenanigans still aren’t completely together, I got a lot of good ideas from her book and I was intrigued. Can I really get my life together and stop caring too much about things that matter too little to me? Can I quell my compulsive caring and silence the obsessive guilt, that creates painful pangs throughout my body when I care about every little thing? Can years of guilt, thoroughly woven into my being by Catholic school and small-town-Iowa-living be undone?

First, I like this book because its cup of curse words runneth over. I love cursing. I love that someone has written and convinced an editor to print the phrase “fucknado of your own design”. It’s colorful and sailor-esque and not like a lady. All of that resonates with me.

While this book has a lot to say and I do plan to elaborate more later in this post (it will be a grand enough post to have addendums), today, Sarah walked me through how to determine things I don’t give a Flying Fluff about.

Thus far, the list includes:

  • Hot Tubbing
  • Fancy Cocktails, namely Manhattans
  • Electronic Shows
  • Holiday/Festive Decorations
  • Cars, unless they are broken and I have to find a way to get them fixed
  • Wasting beer
  • Not doing something because it was planned late/poorly
  • Book Clubs
  • Food Trucks
  • Trendy Clothing

However, this gives me room to care more about the things I do give a Flipping Flack about:

  • Wine
  • Photography
  • Mustaches
  • Biking, but only on occasion (too much biking discussion goes into the category above)
  • Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix
  • Writing
  • Belly Dancing (this is new)
  • Nice markers
  • This is not an all-inclusive list.. but it’s a start to the not-giving-a-flounce lifestyle

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